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EzzyBooks rebrands as VatPay

Cotek Systems Inc, the company behind the best cloud-based invoicing and recurring payment platform has partnered with Chase Bank to create VatPay Payments and is rebranding as VatPay. Building on over a decade of customer insights, the completely redesigned platform makes billing & invoicing, online payments, recurring invoice payments, expenses, project management and team collaboration faster, easier, and better than ever before. The company has garnered tremendous success for its Billing & Invoicing solution and the rebranding initiative will help leverage the brand equity it has built in VatPay and simplify the company’s go-to-market strategy around one platform and corporate name.

In just four years, EzzyBooks has grown to support more than one thousand global users through our Billing & Invoicing Solution. The VatPay brand embodies our passion and focus to help small businesses facilitate online invoice payments and improve their organizational efficiency and productivity through better communication and collaboration. Unifying our efforts around one single brand called VatPay will simplify how we’re perceived in the market and reinforce the value of our solutions to B2B small business owners.

EzzyBooks rebrands as VatPay

VatPay will now serve as both the company and solution name. While some of the company’s earlier clients are using unique EzzyBooks solutions, they will be able to benefit from VatPay’s innovations as well. Moving forward the company will implement its marketing, communications and sales engagement initiatives under the VatPay brand.

In a recent 2021 Global Human Capitol Trends report from Deloitte underscored that 70 percent of the 11,000 HR and business leaders surveyed, believe that workers will spend more time on collaboration platforms in the future. We’re focused on enabling that future, today with the introduction of VatPay. As part of this, we're streamlining our social channels to give you the latest and greatest online billing and team collaboration insights.


New Features in VatPay not present in EzzyBooks.

VatPay Payments

Now you can accept credit cards, debit cards and ACH payments with our new integrated payments solution backed by Chase Bank. Sign up today and complete setup to get same-day fund deposits.

Auto-Recurring Payments

VatPay makes it easy for you to get paid for your invoices 2x faster than any platform. We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk. Now you can auto-charge for recurring invoices.

Schedule Payment Reminders

With VatPay, you can now schedule payment reminders for your invoices. We will make sure no invoice is left unpaid. You can schedule reminders from invoice due date or from current date.

Advanced Accounting Statements

We added ten (10) additional financial/accounting reports including, Accounts Receivable Aging, Payment Journals, Project Revenue Summary, Profit & Loss (Income Statements) and Balance Sheet.

Personalized client portal

With VatPay, your clients can now access their recent transactions, accept estimates, and make payments directly from the client portal. VatPay is now a fully whitelabel solution for your business.

Bug Fixes

We will like to thank all our current customers for reporting all the bugs in EzzyBooks. We were able to fix all bugs previously reported in EzzyBooks. Visit our Product Roadmap to view all bug fixes.

What happens to our current EzzyBooks customers?

You have until March 1st, 2022 to migrate to the new platform. All current customer's subscriptions will be transfered from EzzyBooks to VatPay. EzzyBooks customers will login to their account and they will be a banner at the top of the page announcing the migration. All you will have to do is click the 'Migrate to VatPay' button and accept the terms and conditions to migrate to the new platform. We've streamlined the process and made it easy for all our current customers.

There's absolutely no change in your subscription. If you are a lifetime EzzyBooks member, your lifetime deal will be transfered as well. You don't have to reactivate your lifetime deal again. If you are a LITE, STANDARD, PREMIUM or ENTERPRISE (E1,E2 & E3) member, your membership will be transfered with just a single click. If you have any questions or need additional details about this migration, please reach out to