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Online Billing and Invoicing for Photographers

Online Billing and Invoicing for Photographers

Creating photography invoices for each client may sound like extra work, but it really doesn't have to be. Getting in the practice of invoicing makes for a sounder business in the long term. VatPay makes online Billing & invoicing for Photographers easy.

Create professional and elegant looking Invoices and Estimates (Quotes) for your photography business in any language or currency in a matter of seconds. Email them to your clients with one click. Your clients will be able to pay from their inbox.

How Our Online Photography Invoicing Works


Don't waste time chasing Payments. We will make sure you get paid for all your invoices.

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You can Create, Send and Get Paid for your invoices online.

Create professional and elegant looking estimates and invoices in any language or currency in a matter of seconds. Email them to your clients with one click and get paid online 10x faster.

Professional Invoices
Generate Expense Reports
Generate Quotes with taxes and discounts
Track Time and convert them to Invoices
Create Estimates and convert to Invoices
Upload and manage Receipts

Fully Responsive on Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

Take your business with you. VatPay works no matter where you are and on any device. You can access your information from anywhere in the world.

Create Professional Invoices in Seconds

VatPay makes creating professional looking invoices for your business extremely easy. No more running after customers for payments or waiting in the line at the bank to deposit a check. Let your clients pay you online. We guarantee you will be paid ten times faster. It’s simple to create and customize your invoice, add your logo and personalize your thank you email. Speed up the payment process and make sure your invoices land in your client’s inbox by sending the invoice straight from VatPay. Easy to use. Fast to get paid.

Customize your invoice using our fully customizable templates to make your brand stand out. Take complete control over the look-and-feel of your invoices, estimates, quotes etc. Automate periodic tasks by creating recurring invoices to bill your clients on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, yearly or any define period that fits your business needs. VatPay integrates with many other platforms like Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.Net etc. You can also add invoice due date or specify that the invoice is due on receipt. Customize the invoice payment terms. Include discounts and taxes. Preview your invoices before sending to your customers. VatPay supports multi-currency. Specify the currency you wish to receive your payment. You will also receive instant updates when your invoice is opened and paid.

Accept Credit Cards & get paid faster

Your clients pay your invoices online with Debit or Credit Cards, and your funds reach your bank account in as little as two business days. Receive instant online invoice payments from anywhere, any customer and in any currency around the world. Your clients will be able to pay directly on your invoice. Clients can also pay from Client's portal. Payment options include VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Apple Pay. Accept international currencies with Stripe. Fast and easy, just like you like it.

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Customize the app to make your Brand Stick Out

Make VatPay your own by adjusting every bit and piece of your invoice and control panel, log-in screens and statements to a design and color scheme specific to your business. Customize and manage multiple businesses with different themes.

  • Add your business logo
  • Select company theme
  • Select default template

Send Recurring Invoices to your clients

As a Freelancer or Small Business Owner, do you send the same invoice periodically to your customers? VatPay Recurring Invoices is for you. Schedule your billing for recurring invoices to be generated automatically through VatPay' invoicing system and focus on things that are important to you. Let VatPay automatically invoice your clients and charge their credit cards so you never miss a payment. With recurring invoices, no invoice will be overdue. Everything will be paid fast and on time. Our flexible plan management options support a variety of billing scenarios, payment plans, and business needs.

Track your Business Expenses with one click.

It's now extremely easy to manage all your expenses in one place. Use VatPay to track the reimbursable expenses and instantly bill your clients. Let us track all the details for you. Snap a picture of your receipt, log the activity in VatPay and let us keep things organize for you in the cloud. We understand dealing with taxes are complex and that's why when the time comes for you to file your taxes, you will have all the information you need without any of the complexity. Mark an expense as billable and we will automatically convert it to an invoice for you to send to your client. VatPay makes Expense Tracking Ezzy.

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Generate Powerful Business Reports

VatPay Accounting Reports and Tools will ensure that you understand your spending habits, your expenses and where your money is coming from or where your money has gone. Our powerful insights help you confidently make decisions to keep your business on the right track. Whether you have an accountant or not, easily create custom reports and gather insights to better understand how your business is performing. Use our powerful tools to filter out records, group results by date, currency etc. Customize the period or even the columns that you want to be included in the report. Export the report in various file formats, either copy the reports to clipboard or download them to your computer and edit them any way you wish.

Manage Teams & Collaborate with your employees

Team Collaboration and Communication is the key to small business success. Keep everyone on your team up to date and discover new ways to collaborate with others. Invite your Employees, Accountants, and Clients to your customized VatPay portal. Employees will have their own VatPay accounts with defined roles (Administrators, Members and User). They will be able to collaborate, gather feedbacks and track project progress. You will be able to assign custom user roles. Manage multiple user accounts and permission levels so that employees and collaborators can easily access your data and reduce management time and costs. VatPay provides an online centralized place for file storage. You and your team members will see significant growth because our tool empowers your team to be more efficient.

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