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VatPay has Launched a 100% Free Invoice Generator for SMEs | Sleek Invoice

VatPay, the company behind the best online Billing and Invoice Software for small and midsized enterprises today announced a launch of its free invoicing software that makes it even simpler for users to send, get approval for, and receive payment for online estimates and invoices. No downloads required. Your data never leaves your computer. As a result, you never have to worry about data breaches. Our Invoice template helps SMEs organize their invoices, estimates and streamline their billing process to ensure timely payments. Our free online invoice templates are fully customizable. Make your brand stick out by adding logos and selecting a company color theme from the template.

"Small and mid-sized businesses have so much on their plate to handle on a day to day basis. Even though cash inflow is the life-line of every business, these owners don't have time to keep track of every invoice and run after clients for payments. Our new and 100% free invoicing software takes care of online payments, invoice and notes tracking, so they can easily see the status of any estimate or invoice," explains VatPay CEO Kelvin Taku.

Sleek Invoice users can now:

  • Create Invoices and Estimates in any language or currency.
  • Send estimates and invoices to clients.
  • Get approval for estimates
  • Convert estimates into invoices with one click.
  • Send documents and get paid online with PayPal, Venmo or CashApp.
  • Keep important info handy while you invoice your customers.
  • Free Digital Notebook to get things done more easily

Sleek Invoice platform is much more than just a free invoice template for SMEs; Our latest addition of features to enhance productivity is a free digital notebook to help Small Business Owners, Executives, Entrepreneurs and Creative people capture and arrange their ideas. Visit to get started. No Sign Up nor Credit Card required. No commitments as well. 100% Free Invoice Generator.

About Sleek Invoice

Sleek Invoice is a 100% free version of VatPay that empowers SMEs and freelancers worldwide with the tools they need to automate their billing processes. Sleek Invoice is available from any browser or Web-enabled mobile device. With Sleek Invoice, you will be able to send your invoices online, Get Paid for your hard work and download them as PDF. Capture notes in Sleek Invoice and revisit your notes anytime. Did we also mention that Sleek Invoice is 100% FREE? It lets you generate unlimited number of Invoices and Estimate (Quotes) in any language or currency.

Our ultimate goal is to establish a new global micro-economy where small and midsized businesses interact and collaborate with each other to efficiently grow their business. Sleek Invoice is powered by VatPay and is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Toll Free: +1 877-855-6222
FAX: +1 443-456-8900
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Send professional Invoices, get paid online, Track Time & Manage your Projects.

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Sleek Invoice is powered by VatPay.

Recurring Payments, Online Billing and Invoicing for B2B Businesses (SMEs)

Your business in one place | Accept credit card & eCheck payments | Monitor your business performance | Collaborate better & faster | Free Updates & 24/7 Online Support

Recurring Payments

Automate all your recurring billing operations using VatPay Subscription Management tool. Allow your clients to save credit cards/eCheck for instant invoice payments.

Invoice Payments

Create professional and sleek looking invoices and estimates in any language or currency. Send them to your clients and get paid faster online.

Project Management

From project planning to execution, VatPay makes it easy for you to manage all your projects and track your time. Click here to learn more.


It's now extremely easy to manage all your expenses in one place. Use VatPay to track the reimbursable expenses and instantly bill your clients.

Time Tracking

Use VatPay to log your hours and convert them to an invoice. Turn hours, miles and expenses into invoices and VatPay will ensure you are compensated for the work.


Use VatPay to give your customers a rough overview of prices, discounts, and more by generating detailed estimates. Easily convert your estimates to invoices.

Client Portal

Build a strong relationship with your clients and impress them with their own, dedicated area. Your clients will pay invoices online, as well as track their transaction history.


Your accountants will be smiling when they see the generated reports from VatPay. Our reports are also easy for everyone to understand.


Assemble your team using VatPay. Your accountants, employees and partners can easily access your data whilst reducing management time and costs.

You can Create, Send and Get Paid for your invoices online.

Create professional and elegant looking estimates and invoices in any language or currency in a matter of seconds. Email them to your clients with one click and get paid online 10x faster.

Professional Invoices
Generate Expense Reports
Generate Quotes with taxes and discounts
Track Time and convert them to Invoices
Create Estimates and convert to Invoices
Upload and manage Receipts

Fully Responsive on Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

Take your business with you. VatPay works no matter where you are and on any device. You can access your information from anywhere in the world.